Sunday, May 13, 2012

Enjoying The Lifestyle of an Advertising Creative Director

In the advertising industry, an advertising creative director of a firm is in charge of making a project successful from start to end. Normally, being considered as one entails meeting with clients regularly. What the client wants for the project is noted down and the director makes all the decisions in the execution of ideas. A university degree in advertising or journalism will give the candidate strong potential for the opportunity. Background in marketing, graphic design, art history, consumer behavior, communication, technology, sales or visual arts is also advisable to take to be considered for the work. Certainly, the duration in the advertising industry, size of the firm, location, and educational level finished are factors to determine the rate received.

Creative Services

The creative services department that includes the media services and accounts is supervised. All advertising campaigns of a firm pass the scrutiny of the advertising creative director. Before a campaign begins, the storyboard is approved. The copywriting is achieved. Headlines are designed for the advertisement. All components for the project are approved first before the execution. The industry of electronics and electrical goods is the most lucrative for the director. Computer literacy especially in Photoshop, Flash, InDesign, and Powerpoint is a must since creative designs are always produced.

Duration In The Industry

The web design tools such as HTML and PHP are also a must for an advertising creative director to know how to operate. There are very outstanding firms that want candidates to be experienced in the advertising industry for at least ten years. Some firms want the experience to be of several years. The least number of years to have potential is five. Certainly, a project with a tight deadline must be monitored with good quality output. Overtime is contributed when deadlines have to be met for a project. The creative director is used to changing schedules and deadlines every now and then.

Being Certified

An advertising creative director can be certified for digital arts, graphic design, marketing design, web design or multimedia design. Through the certification, he can attract better opportunities. For the certification course, the firm normally shoulders the expenses in behalf of their candidate. It is a rare opportunity to be able to attend a certification program. As part of the certification, the courses include product promotion, management of the brand and product, and international marketing. When the certification is achieved, it is rewarding for one to boost the profile.

Professional Involvement

As with any field, an advertising creative director can be active in a professional association. The American Professional Association for Design empowers designers and stimulates innovation. In terms of design research, design management, and product design, the presence of the Industrial Designers Society of America can help one in improving the skills. For Photoshop concerns, there is the National Association of Photoshop Professionals that can make the Photoshop skills of the director be more impressive.

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